Performance Lab (Staff)

ROSE LAMOUREUX (Facilitator) most recently performed in “The Dining Room” with Saybrook Stage at the Kate in Old Saybrook. In Aprile, she had the rare pleasure of playing opposite her husband and partner in crime for “Cairo Stories” at the Slant of Light Theater. A very special shout out Jim. Rose has played “The Narrator” in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, “L’il Bit” in How I Learned to Drive, “Agatha” in Incorruptible, “Mrs. Clackett” in Noises Off, “Mrs. Danvers” in Rebecca and “Annie” in The Real Thing, among others, at various venues dotting the East Coast. She is currently studying voiceover with Edge Studio.

KEVIN LONG (Facilitator) is a cancer- 5’8”- likes long walks on the beach-talking ’til all hours of the morning-and never being the first to hang up at the end of a phone conversation…what? It’s not that kind of bio?! Oh, the PERFORMANCE bio: this is like his 10thousandth performance with SOL and he STILL hasn’t found a love connection yet!

         STACY RUTTENBERG (PRODUCER) has been creating, directing, producing, and acting in her own projects since she was a little girl. She has performed on stage at Hampshire College, Smith College, UMASS Amherst, and on screen for EJA Productions, Greenwich Dreamtime Productions, Visit Films, and the Infinite Monkey Project. She has worked behind the scenes, directing, stage managing, and producing shows for many theaters, including Theatre Genesius and The Eastbound Theater. Stacy spent five years in an educational environment, working individually with students exhibiting learning difficulties, teaching reading and comprehension. It was there that she first conceived Slant of Light’s education program, striving to create another vehicle for students to express themselves. Her next move was to Manhattan, interning at the brilliant Women’s Expressive Theater, where she garnered experience in the non-profit sector. In her distaste for the ‘biz of the biz” realm of New York City she fully realized her mission for Slant of Light, to create a safe place where artists can create without catering to the commercial appeal of the masses. Stacy holds a BA in theater and psychology from Smith College, in Northampton, MA. She is currently teaching a 12-week drama class at the Pilot House in Fairfield, CT, a special needs resource foundation, culminating in a performance of the original musical, “I’m a Dreamer, You’re a Dreamer.”