Theater Lab 7-17


An ongoing theatrical laboratory for ages 7-17

Theater Lab gives students the opportunity to bring their dreams to the stage and watch them come to life.  The course is tailored to students’ specific needs and aspirations and can cover acting, writing, directing, stage managing, set designing, costume designing, producing or a combination of any of the above.  The course is ongoing and projects proceed at their natural pace to reach their creative and educational potential.  This unique program is ideal for the experienced theater student as well as the shy student wishing to grow and learn in a safe space.

-Classes are held every Wednesday from 3pm-5pm at the Center for Public Art and Design, 1042 Broad Street (Entrance on John Street), Bridgeport, CT 06604

-Classes are booked in four-week increments

-Total cost for 4-weeks (including material fee): $100

-Discounts are available for siblings and referrals

-Ages 7-17 (Students will naturally gravitate towards projects created by others of their same age and skill level, however no child will be restricted to a project because of age if his or her interests and aptitude lie elsewhere)

-To register, email Stacy Ruttenberg at

Because Theater Lab functions under the umbrella of Slant of Light Theater Company, industry professionals will be brought in to guide students on their various projects as needed.  This professional guidance allows students to explore real-world theatrical practices applied to their own creations.The first few classes encourage ideas and spontaneity of expression and give rise to the projects that will be produced over the following weeks.  Students may concentrate on their individual project or focus on one area of theater by exploring its application throughout their classmates’ projects.  This fosters a sense of individuality and teamwork simultaneously.

After six weeks project swill be shared with parents and friends in their unpolished forms.  Writers workshop their pieces, actors perform, artists display their work and producers/directors guide the event.  This gives our students the chance to show off what they have been working on as well as receive and subsequently integrate feedback.  It enables them to learn the importance of process in theater, not solely product, and alleviates the stifling pressure placed on a piece of art performed only once.

Theater Lab’s goal is to foster the imaginations of children and help them bring those images to life.

Please contact Stacy Ruttenberg with any questions at

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