Naza Usher

NAZA USHER is proud to be joining the Slant Theater Family as a cast member of M&M’s in Heaven.  Naza Usher is an actress and proud to be an almost native New Yorker having moved to Brooklyn, NY as a pre-teen. While attending I.S. 285 Meyer Levin Performing Arts Junior High in Brooklyn, her storytelling skills were noticed by the staff and she was encouraged to study Theatre.
Naza graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from the State University at Buffalo, NY. She has performed in several off Broadway and Regional Theatre Productions. Some notable productions include: A Marriage Proposal, the role of Natalia Stepanova, Good Black Don’t Crack, the role of Janet, and at Growing Stages in NJ the role of Keeley in A Midnight Cry.
Naza also works with Winceyco Productions doing stage plays about Bullying, Social Issues and African-American/Hispanic Heritage in elementary and middles schools in NY and NJ. Also she has appeared in several independent films her most recent film project is the short film, They Call Me Dae ( , which deals with the issue of bullying among teenage girls, she portrays Dae.
When asked why she acts Naza is known to say, “I am an actress because when I act stories come off the page and come to life.”