M and M’s in Heaven

M&M’s in Heaven
-Self-esteem, body image, and our messed up relationship with food-

M&M’S IN HEAVEN is a 45-minute show created for middle school audiences.
The play centers around the themes of self-esteem, body image and disordered eating and drifts seamlessly from real and sometimes heartbreaking stores adapted from real life experiences to entirely imagined and fantastic scenarios that turn our preconceived notions of body image on their heads.

“An age appropriate portrayal of a complex topic.”

  Acclaim for M&Ms in Heaven:

“I would honored to have my name on it…”
-Debra Hyman, MA, Licensed Psychotherapist

 “M&MS IN HEAVEN is a groundbreaking original production for schools whose subject – our relationships with food – is both timely and timeless. With refreshing honesty and humor, the play explores a sensitive and salient issue for youth today through innovative story-telling, imaginative characters, and intimate real-life testimonials. From satirical talking magazine covers to one family’s true story of loss, M&MS IN HEAVEN speaks with compassion to the complexities of distorted body-image and the dangers of destructive food behavior.
It is critical that vulnerable teens across Connecticut be exposed to this bold invitation to critical thinking about this issue. The energy and insight of this live, multi-media theatrical production encourages us to question societal pressures, be mindful about our own attitudes and actions, and consider ways in which changes (even transformations) are necessary and possible.”
Caren E. Glickson, PhD, CGP
Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Certified Group Psychotherapist

“I was amazing at how M&MS IN HEAVEN was able to present the depth of eating disorders and their potentially fatal consequences while still maintaing a positive message. This educational play reflects real issues that surround our nation’s teens on a daily basis and aims to transform negative views of food into an understanding of its vitality for life. As a dietitian working with eating disorder patients, I have seen how peer pressure, media influence and overall feelings of insecurity can lead to the development of disordered eating and negative body image. I feel that this play is a wonderful teaching too to show young adults how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship with food. This self-esteem enhancing production is exactly what adolescents need to see to help them learn to love food the way previous generations were able to.”
-Gail Wikler, R.D., CDN

For more information about bringing “M&M’s in Heaven” to your school, please email sruttenberg@soltheatercompany.org