Looking for a Change? 

Slant of Light Theater Company is excited to announce opportunities for our Spring Internship Program! Interns benefit by working in the non-profit sector, stretching their creative minds and engaging in projects that cross artistic and social lines.

About the Program
Slant of Light Theater Company offers internships to enthusiastic high school and college students to give them real-world, real-time experience working at a non-profit theater company. At this internship they will carry out and even spearhead projects and programs integral to the company. Interns work side-by-side with company staff members and artists thereby gaining valuable advice and networking contacts from Connecticut and New York theatre professionals. This internship provides students with experience that is necessary to make an informed decision about the role that theatre will play in their collegiate and professional lives.

Slant of Light Theater Company offers internships in the following fields:

High School Administrative Internship
College Administrative Internship
Off-Site Theater Attendant Internship
Production Internship

What interning is, however, is honest to God work. In a few short weeks I’ve learned more about working in a non-profit, about how to connect to your client base on every level, about how to deal with difficult situations with equally difficult people. 4 years in college were not a waste, but they certainly weren’t a substitute for this.”

Once you have selected the appropriate internship for you, please fill out and submit this SOL Internship Application Form to Stacy at