Heels Over Head

By Susan Goodell
Directed by Valerie Austyn 

Boy meets girl on a bungee jump, and they move from hate to love in nothing flat.  Never have two people been so blissful. The shoe has to drop any minute.  HEELS OVER HEAD is an absurd farce about two eloping honeymooners determined to stay in romantic glow despite the carnival of secrets and quirky people that wait to upend them.  It’s part dry comedy, and part commentary about the delusions we hold so we can keep love alive.

Slant of Light’s monthly readings are $5 and open to the public, striving to create a bridge between the community and artistic process.  Each reading is followed by a talkback with the author, director and actors.

Wednesday evening’s reading will take place at Slant of Light Theater Company, Artists in Residence at the Center for Public Art and Design.
1042 Broad Street (entrance on John Street)
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Refreshments will be served.