Slant of Light Theater Company is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Kylene Carroll.

Because we do walk with angels.

My time of morning–that special time that Emily Dickinson wrote about. When you can see that slant of light through the trees. That is my time. And as I walk, as I smell the flowers and feel the breeze hit my face, Kylene walks with me. She walks with me because it is her time of day too. And as we walk we hold hands and she chatters about stories and plays and poems–happiness, life. As I approach home, I feel her grip begin to lessen on my hand. I try to hold tighter, try not to let her slip away. But it is no use. As I come back into real time, Kylene goes back into her time. But every morning, how I pray that just once, I could hold on and never have to let go.