The goal of the Slant of Light Theater Company is to communicate.

Everything and nothing. This means everything because I have found that if I want to continue the legacy that was instilled in me of find and using my voice, I must create a venue to do that work. I must create a safe space where we can explore art, history, politics, theater, music, science, the future, the past, and ourselves.I recently graduated from Smith College, where a deviation from the “norm” was the “norm.” I saw people who had a voice–I saw themuse it. Not only were were encouraged to speak out, we were told that if we did we could change the world. People often paint the world black and white and we are told to embrace this. At Smith, I was taught to seek out the grey, to embrace it and question it. Two years later, I have come to realize that this means everything and nothing. After leaving the safe atmosphere of Smith I have found that I am not always encouraged to seek out the grey, much less to speak about it. I have found that these deviations are looked upon negatively, and not embraced.

This means nothing because we are still at the beginning. Beloved professors questioning us, engaging classes opening our eyes and mind, fervid debates in tiny coffee shops, speaking out about the issues that set a fire within us, yelling, screaming, laughing, crying…listening…accepting…this all means nothing if we check it at the door to the “real world.”

We need to create our own safe space.

And Slant of Light is born.

We strive to make a space for everyone who needs to speak; everyone who has a story to tell. We strive to put on passionate productions and enable creative visions. To make connections between the deviations and the norms. To see the beauty in the grey.

And everyone does have a story to tell.

We will build bridges and support one another. We will connect.

We will communicate. With one another, with our audiences, and with ourselves.

-Stacy Ruttenberg,
Executive Director